Sunday, March 20, 2016

  I'd like to thank you all for your support and encouragement that has not ceased since we first heard of Whit's diagnosis last year.  Most of all thank you for your prayers. They were effective and crucial to God's plan for her life as He allows all of us in the body of Christ to participate in the glorious cause of salvation. And thank you for continuing to visit her blog and support both of us in our posts. Sharing through this site has helped me greatly in the healing process. However, I consider it inevitable that I will somehow change the nature of  Whitney's intended purpose for her blog if I continue to post. 
My wife, Ramona Cannon Hardee, keeps posting facebook pics and updates of the kids from time to time if you want to check in on them. Keep our family in your prayers please.

 I will keep this site active for at least another year. Some have suggested collecting her writings for a book. Perhaps that's a good idea. Stand firm in the faith, my friends.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I am traveling a similar Cancer journey as your daughter did. I too am a young mother of three, a wife, sister and daughter. But most importantly I am on an amazing spiritual journey with Jesus. Whitney's unshakable faith in God and desire to live life in the moment have been such an inspiration as I have read through these blog posts. God bless Whitney, you and your family!

  2. Hello Withney, I hope your health has not deteriorated. I'm going to send you a video about an asparagus diet. According to testimony, this asparagus diet has helped and even cured people who were sick from cancer to a very advanced state.
    Although I am not sick, I regularly do this regimen every 3 months. I am 75 years old and, despite my age, I do not take any medication.
    The video is in French, I'm sorry I can not translate it into your language. I hope you find a francophone person in your circle.
    I wish you healing very quickly so that your children can still enjoy their mom for a long time.


  3. Hello Witheny, miracles exist, my daughter and I pray for you, ( we are muslims) we send to you our love our sincere care, and best wishes for you to recover soon, Kisses to your children. Faiza and Kamila. BEST OF LUCK