Monday, May 11, 2015

A Tribute To My Mom

In honor of Mother's day, I want to share with you how amazing my Mama is. She's been amazing all my life, but this last year has been the toughest, and she has been my rock. July of last year I was REALLY pregnant and I was really tired. I would get so upset because my house was a wreck and I just couldn't keep up.  I always feel better when my house is clean. There were many days when I would come home from work to a spotless house, because Mama had been over to clean all day. This was a really big deal! I would feel pure relief when I walked in the door, and you just can't put a price on that.

Next, the real challenge: facing the fact that her little girl (even if I am grown) has stage IV cancer and has been given no hope for survival. If you would have seen my Mama when we got that news, it would have broken your heart. She has taken such good care of me, not only as a child, but as a patient. When things were bad, she helped me into the shower, combed and dried my hair, cleaned the toilet every time I got sick so at least I had a clean toilet to hang my head over. She fed my family, washed our clothes, took care of my children, anything she could think of to make life easier for me. She lifted my load and added it to her own. She stayed so strong for me. I remember one day I was very weak from not eating/etc and I was in so much pain. Daddy was trying to convince me to let him take me to the hospital for fluids because I was obviously dehydrated, and he wanted me to get pain meds through IV so I could have a little break. I didn't want to go to the hospital. I have a bad habit of brushing off everything that's wrong with me. If I'm not feeling well and I talk to you, you won't know it because I'm going to grin like an idiot and tell you I'm good. I only complain to my husband lol. Anyway I was sitting there, trying to make a decision and all of a sudden I couldn't hold it in anymore, I just burst into tears. Mama started praying and crying right along with me. When I hurt, she hurts. When I couldn't eat, she couldn't eat. She allows me to get the rest I need to get better. She never complained the first time. She is selfless and caring and a beautiful human being on the inside and out.

I love you Mama, you are my hero. I'll never question my ability to be a great Mom, because I've learned from the best.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful post! So filled with the heart and compassion of Jesus, and His love flowing through you as a family, and your love for each other. I've heard it said once something like "God knew the parents we would need and the siblings we would need, etc, to live the life that He calls us to". Praying for your mom and you... for God's strength, peace, grace, and continued healing and good reports.